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Thank you for stopping by.  While our site is under construction, we will be placing announcements of events and of items we are adding to our catalog.  Please check back with us often as our inventory and offerings change.
Friday, December 4, 2009 is our first Breezeway Sale at Discovery School.

We will be bringing our ribbon socks, school shirt dresses, and a selection of tutus!
Who are 2MoodyKids? These are my daughters. This all started as a feel better present for my older daughter when she had chicken pox (Yes, kids still get chicken pox even if they have been vacinated - who knew?). I made her a tutu.  It was kind of silly since she had the dreaded pox all over her tummy and couldn't wear it for a week, but she really liked it and once all healed, she insisted that her little sister needed one too.  2 tutu's for 2 Moody Kids. 

One of my friends saw the older Moody kid wearing the younger Moody's tutu and insisted that she have two for her daughters.  And just like that - a small business was born.  We have begun to add different items to the mix: ribbon enhanced socks, school spirit shirts, pillowcase dresses, and this website.  The socks and outfits are easy to figure to post the pictures to this site I will leave to my husband (we call him 1MoodyDude - HAHA). 

Please check back with us to see the new things added and to see what 1MoodyDude can get done with this very pink site.  Thanks for visiting and come back soon, Amy Moody (1MoodyMommy)
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